A guide to gifting Diamonds

With the winter and holiday seasons going on, shopping has taken the market by a major sway. People have been purchasing and buying gifts for their loved ones for the holiday season and have all the merrier reasons to make the gifting season of the year 2022 a big success. If you are planning to buy a gift for the holiday season for the woman in your life, choosing the right gift can sometimes feel a little overwhelming especially if you are a man trying to make an effort here. With the abundance of choices available in the market, it becomes almost impossible to choose. But there is one thing that every woman wants, needs, and would love no matter what- Diamonds. 

It is widely said- “Diamonds are a girl's best friend” and there are no false takebacks in that statement. Make the vacations even greater twinkly and shinier by giving her diamond jewellery. Having mentioned the abundance of options present in the market, diamond jewellery to comes in a huge variety of options to choose from. From bracelets to earrings, from pendants to rings, there are just so many designs and alternatives in today's world. 

The trick here would be to understand what kind of a preference the person has who you planning to gift diamonds because it is not necessary that everyone would love diamond earrings and not diamond bracelets for that matter. For some- rings can be the staple wear and for others- their choice of pendants could be their way of making a statement. It all depends on the person's styling preferences and what they feel the most confidence in.  

Once you have shortlisted and analyzed the choices of that person the next big thing is to choose the right piece for the occasion. You don't want to go overboard since it is the Christmas season we are talking about and not some anniversary or birthday, but you would want to make a lasting impression. We have compiled the pointers you would need to keep in mind as you g about shopping for the right kind of diamonds to make your Christmas gift even more special! 


They are the top most preferred and safest option to play with if you really want to make a statement and feel confident about your choice. The main thing you would want to keep in mind is to narrow down your options to diamond studded earrings. There are ample simple diamond-cut designs present in the market depending on the price range you are going for. The classic diamond stud earrings would go really well with a beautiful red Christmas outfit or any outfit for that matter. They are a staple piece and would never go out of fashion. If you want to spice things up a little and play sound with design- diamond drop earrings are also very trendy and would look super chic for a party look making it a choice to gift you’ll never regret giving. 


Rings are one of the jewellery pieces that are underrated and have started to resurface only now with the current fashion trends. People have started to prioritize the finger jewels and started to layer them as they go by making it a fashion statement that can uplift your whole personality and aura. Therefore for this gifting season for the year 2022, diamond rings should be your comfort choice. Go for a subtle and soft ring with a light design to keep the essence of the occasion alive yet make it worthwhile as a present. 


Not everyone is a bracelet person, but it is also a given fact that bracelets look extremely beautiful and look very classy when paired with a watch. If the person you're planning to buy a gift for loves to wear a watch as a must-have accessory- they would for sure love a bracelet to go along with it. 

The thing you would want to keep in mind while shopping is not to go overboard with your choice. Since it's a Christmas present, the light should be kept on the festivities as well. Hope this blog was helpful enough in making a rightful choice! Arpee Jewellery wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!