Best Diamond Jewellery for 2022

New Year always brings new energy. Even though we might choose to continue living the same old life and routines, it gives us a reason to start off fresh, to start off new. For all the mistakes made in the past, and realizations done, New years is just the right time to put everything behind and start a new journey and make the best out of the coming year.

Fashion is a very personal journey. A journey where a person can express themselves without speaking words. Fashion is for those who want to be known for more than just what people think they are. It's a way of practicing expressing one's own self, without the fear of judgment from others and being true to our authentic selves. New Year marks many new beginnings and with every coming year, comes new style trends that mark their own identity for the going year. For example in 2021, fashion revolved mostly around bringing back the y2k fashion, which many millennials would be able to relate to. Similarly, for the year 2022, there might be a fashion trend that could go viral with the changing times. 

Jewellery trends in fashion also change with every coming year. Diamonds, for example, are always ahead in the game and are winning the extra spot for their everlasting beauty and style that never gets old. Diamond Jewellery designs last forever. The more ancient the design is, the more expensive it gets. Vintage diamond jewellery is bought for millions in the current day and age. 

Following every jewellery trend that goes into the fashion market is almost next to impossible, not only because they’re all expensive but because it’s not necessary for every fashion style to suit everyone. We have listed down our top winners, the jewellery pieces we know you need in your wardrobe to stay high up to date in fashion, and never fall behind any fashion trend.

Round cut Diamond Pendant

The round-cut Diamond Pendant will be one of the jewellery pieces in your that can never go old. They were highly in trend in the 2000s are slowly having their comeback. This is one statement piece that can elevate your outfit and add a touch of royalty to your look. The round cut of this pendant shape, keeps things simple, making sure it goes perfectly with both western and Indian outfits. The best thing about this jewllery piece is that if you’re a big fan of wearing diamonds in your day-to-day life, this would be the best neckpiece for you and if, you’re a fan of wearing minimal jewellery that too only on special occasions, this would still be the perfect fit for you. Either way, having a round-cut diamond pendant, becomes an all-season necessity. 

The Diamond cut Ring

A ring is such a statement piece that can never go wrong. Honestly, it is one of the easiest, most comfortable, and prettiest jewellery pieces to wear and style. It knows its way to last an impression on the wearer and the viewer. Wear it with your pj’s, wear them with your favorite traditional avatar, we promise you your hands would get the limelight they deserve. Rings are a few of the first and also important jewellery pieces a woman buys in her life. Make sure that the diamond ring you decide to gift yourself, (or to someone you’re close to), is a piece you would want to wear on loop. 

Flower cut Diamond Earrings

Since we’re talking about jewellery pieces that can be worn anytime and still look classic trendy, the old classic floral diamond earrings can not be left behind. Floral pattern has always been the most preferred and many jewllery designers’ favorite designs to create intricate pieces. Floral earrings add a touch of femininity and the diamonds add a touch of boldness to them, making the earrings look classic, elegant, and bold. Again these earrings can go with whatever theme or outfit you’re planning to wear. Western, Indian, official, unofficial, they go with everything without looking too less or too more; depending on the occasion. The perfect jewellery we would say.

To sum up, diamond jewellery can never go out of trend provided the reasons for their timeless beauty. It’s all about what you want to wear and how you want to style your favorite pieces. It is all about letting the diamonds have their moment and gather all the attention they care to.