Diamond pendants to look out for in 2023

Diamonds are the best investment every woman should make at least once in her life. It is an investment that not only comes with monetary benefits later in the future (if you plan on selling them), but they also hold lots of heretical values and are of course always an ace when it comes to accessorizing. 

Diamonds come in multiple forms and ways you can wear them. Diamond rings are almost the one staple piece you simply can't give up on and it is a must for you to have them. Diamond bracelets are beautiful if you are someone who loves wearing watches and want to level up your look by adding an extra layer of diamonds and shimmer to your wrist. Diamond earrings are also a staple piece that is not a want but a NEED when it comes to diamond jewellery. You can wear them with any outfit- formal or informal, ethnic or western but still, look shinier and brighter in all ways possible. 

Diamond pendants are the next thing in the market that may be underrated, but the ones that know the power of the right accessorizing, know very well how to play around with diamond pendants and your outfits. With the abundance of designs and shapes present in the market, the activity of choosing becomes tough. 

Arpee Jewellery offers a wide range of Diamond pendants and designs that are not only the next best thing you need to amplify your diamond collection but will also make you look regal and eternally beautiful. We have compiled a list of our top must-haves in the Diamond pendant collections along with some additional tips you can use to style them. 

Hindu god/goddess designs 

Pendant designs are very popular especially in our Indian culture if they resonate with a Hindu god or goddess. The flute is a symbol that resonates with Lord Krishna. Instantly the feeling of being swayed by the melodious tones of the flute takes us back to the feeling of serenity and a peaceful mind. Designs like the figure of Lord Krishna playing the flute, lord Ganesha, Om, Swastik,  etc are very calming to the soul. They add just the right level of shine, have beautiful details in the design, and are of course shiny enough to not go unnoticed. 

Single Alphabet Diamond Pendant 

One of the best sellers at our store, the design is a staple for diamond pendants. The single alphabet pendant comes with additional diamonds on its design. The thing about alphabet designs is that they have a custom feeling to them. You can get them in your name and initials or give them as a gift with their first or last name initials. It is a generic piece of diamond jewellery that you wear almost every day and still maintain your status of being classy and chic. 

Quirky shapes and Designs

If you are a sucker for unconventional and funky jewellery- this pendant type is just the right find for you. Strict and elegant jewellery designs are not for everyone and thus diamond jewellery should not be limited in the context of its designs. Thus we at Arpee Jewellery present to you amazing funky diamond pendant designs that have a charm of their own. From doll designs to heart designs, from unique sword designs to mesh-designed diamond pendants you get it all! Never let the norms of society decide the normal for you. Whatever you feel is the best choice for you, should be flaunted in your way. 

We hope these suggestions were helpful in giving you insight into the world of Diamond Pendants and design to ace the market and fashion game in the year 2023 and we wish all the readers, a very Happy and prosperous New Year!