Diamonds on Diwali


Diwali is one of the most widespread and hugely celebrated festivals in India. The festival embarks on new beginnings and is considered to be the best day for the purchase of new items like cars, and machinery and also the most desirable time of the year for jewellery investments. This 5-day long festival is celebrated by almost every Hindu family and the sales around this time lure buyers into the market for buying items and products of their need. Diwali brings the feeling of togetherness and gives each one of us some space and time to spend with our families in the hustle of life and work. Diwali is the perfect time for you to create some core memories with your family and friends, and celebrate your heart out with the festivities! 

Buying gold and diamond jewellery is considered to be highly auspicious during this time period, considering the traditions that have the goddess Laxmi- the goddess of good wealth and fortune involved in them. With the festivities all around, shopping on Diwali has become a must of a tradition in itself. If you're planning to make investments in gold or diamonds, this season is surely the best- considering the sales and auspicious aspects of this season. 


Diamond rings are the best, most to be used and most comfortable purchase when it comes to shopping for non-occasional jewellery. With the availability of designs in the market, choosing one that suits your taste and preferences becomes an easy task and also equally special since you have an ample amount of options to choose from. Ring designs with gems and jewels are more recommended since they can be easily used and worn during the festivities and the wedding season that comes. 


Pendants are one of the jewellery items every woman looks for when she wants to wear an ethnic or traditional outfit. Pendants add the perfect amount of bling to the neck and are perfect for the ethnic season as it is all about bling, shine and colour. If you're planning to wear a deep neck blouse- a beautiful pendant is all you need to add the perfect depth and bring attention to your neckline. Arpee jewellery offers you a wide range of bright and glorious festive jewellery designs that bring you the attention and all the glimmer you need to shine through! 


Let's be honest and real, there is a traditional outfit that is complete without accessorizing them with the right pair of earrings. Earrings have the power to make or break the look the trick here is- not to let the earrings take over the outfit but instead try to make it seamlessly a part of the whole outfit. Lightweight diamond earrings are highly recommended since they are comfortable on the ears and add the perfect amount of bling to support the entire look. Arpee also has a wide range of different designs of studded diamond earrings that you can buy to complete your ethnic looks.