How to get the perfect Ring size

Rings are one of the most auspicious and sacred ornaments not only in India but across the globe.     

Be it proposals, engagements or weddings, rings are considered to be a lifetime deal sealed between people exchanging them. These precious and special metallic, circular shaped ornaments are a symbol of  lifetime commitments made by both the partners to each other, no matter the kind of circumstances faced. 

Gifting such presents with sentimental value is one of the best ways to make someone feel special. 

Since rings have such a great value and impact on the person who is gifting it and also to the one who is being presented with it, it becomes really important to check the exact size while getting a ring that is supposed to be worn by a person almost always.

The best of all ways is definitely having a trial at the time of selecting and purchasing the ring in the showroom.

In case, one is shopping online, he/she must refer to the size chart carefully in order to purchase the correct size. Arpee jewellery assures to give the finest of experiences in jewellery selection where one can choose from a wide range of latest designs at affordable prices. 

One may use a measuring tape to know about the exact size. A thread or a paper strip marked with inches may also be used to get the perfect size easily. 

Taking measurements may become tedious if one wants to present the ring as a surprise. In this case, one may look for another ring that the person who you want to give the ring to wears seldom. Grab such a rarely worn ring for a perfect size reference. 

Now that getting the perfect ring size is made known to you, it’s time to give a quick read to AN ULTIMATE GUIDE TO PICK AND STYLE YOUR DIAMONDS  that will surely help you to be a pro at selecting and styling diamond jewellery.