How to style Diamonds in Winter


With the chilly season arriving, it is about time you start seeing people wearing body warmers, turtlenecks, and woolen clothes. We all get excited to get dressed up in cozy clothes and look pretty as we go out but is your outfit complete without properly accessorizing it? The chilly climate forces us to layer up (which we can't really complain about because it looks cool) but our jewellery tends to suffer more as they go hidden under the lengthy sleeves, scarves, and gloves. 

For some people wearing accessories in winter won't make sense for the same reason- whilst it can actually be the wisest choice to elevate your outfit and make it look shinier than ever! There are endless ways you can choose to style your precious jewellery pieces in your winter lookbook and make the pieces stand out. 

We have prepared a list of some styling tips on how you should wear your Diamond jewellery in the winter season that will be the solution to all your problems related to proper accessorizing during the winter season. 


For individuals who love accessorizing with jewellery- depending on the occasion you can choose how to wear them during the daytime and also for some special gatherings. You can choose to keep it minimal with a simple pendant or layer it up with lengthy and chunky necklaces that may be draped over woolly jumpers or polo necks. With the varieties available in the market- there are many patterns and designs that you can wear if you’re planning to go with a collared dress. Winters give you a brilliant excuse to wear diamonds and pearls, which go very nicely with fur, velvet, and different wintry fabrics. 


If you need a way to protect yourself from the cold, gloves can come in handy. But that shouldn't stop you from wearing your lovely diamond rings on your fingers. Wearing rings on your gloves is the ultimately got to look and will for sure elevate your entire outfit to the next level. A major tip is to keep your gloves simple with little to no embroidery to let the rings be the only attention-seeking element on your hand. If you are not a big fan of gloves- you can always choose to go bare hands and still ace your winter look with gorgeous white diamonds that shine through on your fingers! 


Bracelets can too be worn as an addition to rings in order to accessorize your outfit. Layering clothes on top can cover your shiny bracelets from coming through so the trick here is to layer thinner fabrics of clothing instead of going with heavy coats and overcoats. You can wear your bracelets in addition to your gloves and rings over your turtleneck sleeves. Make sure to add a watch to make the wrist look complete and add the perfect amount of balance. Layering your bracelets is also another option you can go for, as it will then become more seen and visible.


Call it anything, earrings are that one staple piece of jewellery you can never give up on. Be it the summer or the winter season- earrings have the power to make or break your look as most of the attention first drives off to your face/ears and then to what you are wearing. For winter specifically, diamond and pearl necklaces make the perfect choice for winter outfits. Winter is the season of Christmas, new years parties and let's not forget the wedding season. Make sure to wear all your precious diamonds and flaunt your way through it!