How to take care of your Diamond jewellery


Diamonds are a girl's best friend and these best friends are not only expensive but demand equal high maintenance. Despite being the hardest natural substance, diamond jewellery calls for unique attention. Although diamonds are known to repel water, it is the oil and grease that get attached to them quickly. Aside from keeping a check on their security and they are kept safe, there are also some things you need to take care of in order to keep your jewellery actually safe. Theft is not the only thing you need to keep them protected from- it is the aftercare of your investment in diamond wear that you have to keep a check on. In order to not make a costly mistake, keep these pointers ahead going forward- 

Handle your Diamonds with ultimate care

As much as Diamonds love to attract attention, they also love to attract grease towards them which makes their maintenance even more important and crucial as you want to compromise on the gorgeous shine it had when you purchased it. Remember each time you touch a diamond, the oil from your fingers gets transferred to it so the trick here is to either wear clean gloves while carrying your diamonds or properly clean your hands to make sure you don't do anything wrong on your part that would dull its sparkle and shine.

Regularly Clean your Diamond

To keep your diamonds shining and new looking forever you need to wash them with the utmost care and love. In order to do that immerse it a couple of times every week in a mild degreasing solution, for example in water with some drops of your normal dishwashing liquid soap. Use a toothbrush to easily and gently rub off and eliminate any leftover dust and grease after taking it out of the cleaning wash solution. Make sure your toothbrush is brand new and is only used for cleaning your jewellery and delicate wear. Use it well in order to cleanse from hard-to-attain regions from the back of your diamond jewellery. 

Avoid using harsh solutions for cleaning

When you might consider using a good liquid soap to wash your diamonds it might not be the best choice. When cleansing diamond jewellery, by no means use chlorine bleach or abrasives (like family cleaners or toothpaste). Such chemicals can cause your diamond quality to degrade or even worse- cause an irreversible chemical reaction that you may regret later on. 

Make sure to take it off before going to shower

Don't even consider taking your diamond jewellery to shower as normal. Wear it only when you are out of the shower, completely dry, and done with your skincare and makeup. The cosmetics may lay on top of them giving them a dreary and dead appearance. Additionally, the use of soaps or shampoos that consist of harsh chemical compounds, could have an ill- effect on the shine of your jewllery. 

Store them properly

Diamonds should also be stored properly not only because of their delicate nature but also because of their inherent hardness that can also additionally damage your other jewels, metals, or even your other diamond jewellery causing an even bigger loss. It is most suggested to keep your diamond jewellery separate from you other pieces and thus ensure their proper safety. Always keep your diamonds in the original packaging in which they came in if possible. Keeping them in other fabrics can cause damage to them so it's preferable to not mess with them.