Jewellery for the big day- Diamonds or Gold


A wedding is one of the most crucial and emotional moments in a person’s life. From the outfits to the jewellery- everything needs to be perfect as it's going to be an ‘all eyes on you.’ Looking at this logically, your wedding jewellery is something that adds the right last little details to complete and elevate your wedding look. 

As a young bride of this generation, you would want your jewellery to be more modern yet traditional, one that values quality and flexibility in equivalent measure. To find your perfect find for your big day, you might have to run through various options to finally narrow down to a few that fit your style and wants. You might have a Pinterest board loaded up with your top picks or you're simply starting your exploration, it is time you put your options to life and start exploring! 

Jewellery set that matches your lehenga

Numerous ladies pick their lehenga first and then match the jewellery accordingly. Your wedding set will be a heavy venture, so pick immortal over popular. Think ahead and make a set that will turn into a valued family treasure. Gold and diamonds are the most well-known decision for the pheras. In the event that you're picking the previous, settle on a blend of white and yellow diamonds as they look regal and will easily blend into whichever lehenga you will be wearing. 

When to Wear Gold 

  1. If you want to layer various jewellery pieces on your big day.

Assuming you're a bride who really wants layering neckbands on the big day and wants to look nothing less than a regal queen. All things considered, we'd recommend you pick gold jewels over contemporary and modern-day jewellery. 

  1. If you’re a lady of tradition

Even though in today's world you’d want to wear modern-day jewellery, there is something even more special about traditional jewellery which is heredity. Heredity jewellery comes as vintage, has more delicacy and purity in its work and let's be honest- there is nothing best than carrying your elder's blessings on your big day. 

When to Wear Diamonds

  1. When you want to look insignificant

Each lady has her own creative mind concerning how she needs to look on her important day. A few like elaborate outfits, weighty gems, and loud makeup looks, while others favour exquisite outfits with modest gems and muted makeup looks. In the event that you're the main lady of the hour, we'd say that you ought to adhere to beautiful Diamonds as they will generally look more tasteful for your fantasy wedding.

  1. If Indo-western is your calling.

For the people who love indo-western outfits, uncommon cuts, and the new age designs in your outfit, Diamonds are the first and last thing you are in search of. With the polished plans accessible in your outfit and lehengas, the diamonds would melt flawlessly without making you look too forward and ethical in just the right proportion.


3. When you're planning on wearing a Gown

Yes, lehengas might be the most adopted option for a wedding but if you want to take things to the next level and wear a gown instead, it's a choice you won't regret. We all know how heavy lehengas can actually be and carrying even more heavy jewels can make you feel uncomfortable. So on the off chance that you're a lady of the hour partaking in the light yet attractive jewellery plans that look impeccable but keep you agreeable, pick Diamonds and give yourself a treat.