Top picks in Engagement Rings for 2021

Everyone wants to have the wedding of their dreams and make the most out of this super important occasion of their lives. All the big wedding ceremonies, the decor, the celebrations and every bit of happiness and joy around that makes the complete event a memory, one would want to cherish forever. 

A wedding is the most crucial part of a person’s life as it’s not just a mere ceremony; it’s a pure and immaculate bond of two different souls who decide to spend the rest of their lives together. A ring signifies this eternal bond of love. The emblem, that is exchanged between two people, committing to their love and showing the world that they’re married. It’s a symbol of commitment to your significant other, to stay together in whatever highs and lows life has coming their way. Now, with these truckloads of responsibilities and duties assigned with a wedding ring, it's only obvious to find the perfect ring for this occasion and what better option would there be than a diamond wedding ring. 

With the amount of variety in designs and shapes of a diamond ring available in the market, it only becomes trickier and tougher to choose the one ring that would do justice to the bond we are celebrating. We have shortlisted our top picks for a diamond engagement ring for the love of your life that we think might just seal the deal.


As the name itself suggests, this ring holds a subtle-alluring attractiveness to it which makes it even more special. The ring has seven tiny diamonds attached to it in the centre, which can also signify the seven vows of an Indian wedding. The ring has a unique design that showcases the beauty of the diamonds. The gold plated metal ring attached to them, elevates the look and feel of the ring to a level of standard royalty. 

The Dainty Diamond Ring is available in three different metals namely, yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. It's also available in a wide range of sizes, making it the perfect fit for every beautiful bride.


This ring has got all the queen feels a woman needs! The intricate design of the ring has a 3-D crown shape in the middle, surrounded by eight diamond stones- four on each side, making the ring look costlier and prettier. The Queen’s Crown Diamond Ring comes in  four different metals- rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. This ring would be the best pick for the queen of your life and the design itself says it all!


This ring is a look stealer because of all the bling and beauty immersed in it’s not so simple look. It has an illuminating edge to it which does complete justice to its name and design. The design is very characteristic of its shape. There are a total of ten hollow 3D circles; five on each side of a beautiful diamond studded centerpiece of the ring, which adds even more edge and fluidity to the design. The Luminescent Diamond Ring also comes in four different metal styles and a huge variety of sizes. If your wife-to-be is a fan of  diamonds and has a radiant personality- this pick would leave you with no regrets!


“I love you to infinity and beyond”, there’s no better way to materialise this statement than to put it on your wedding ring. Well this ring in particular, does exactly that job for you. The ring’s been specifically designed in the shape of an ‘8’ symbolising infinity. 

The Infinite Diamond Ring also comes in availability of four different metals and plating. The ring is the speaker for itself.The aberrant feel of the ring with diamonds, along with the meaning attached to it, makes it a piece you’d not want to miss.  

So here were our top picks for the big day of your life, where you finally tie the forever bond with your lady love. We hope these rings bring not only joy and happiness to you but also bring lots of unforgettable memories that you will be spending together. All the very best for your journey and may your Mrs-to-be be super proud and happy of your choice!