Top Ways to Style your Diamond Jewellery

With the winter season comes great opportunities to style your favorite jewellery pieces. Though it might be tough for some people to accessorize their outfits properly, one fact that remains constant is that if accessories and pieces of jewellery are worn the right way, they can elevate your look to a whole new level of royalty and fashion. Wearing a diamond necklace on a simple black turtleneck, like how editorial and a fashionable statement would that be right? The same goes with layering necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to elevate the outfit, look regal and that outfit would make sure you take all the spotlight of the room. (What’s better than that!)

Fashion is not tough. It is a very distinctive, personal, and personalized journey of how you want to present yourself to others but most importantly, to yourself. You can’t copy someone’s fashion or dressing style because that won’t do any good to you. No matter how good they look in what they wear, the same might not look good on you because different people have different body types and different features; all the things which play an important role in making an outfit stand out. So keep that in mind while thinking of taking inspiration for someone’s outfit. Like we said earlier, fashion is a very personal journey. You have to add touches and edits (like multi-layering jewellery, wearing accessories nobody else would be able to pull off, etc) to personalize the look the way you like it and not to be influenced by what others might think. 

With enough of fashion gyaan given, we think it’s right for us to list down below a few of the sassiest and classy ways to style your bedazzling diamond jewellery-

The Marilyn Monroe Look

Talking about diamond jewellery and not mentioning the iconic Marilyn Monroe looks? Well, that’s a fashion crime we simply can’t afford to have. She was known for her bold fashion choices and successfully delivered many iconic looks to the table, one of which is the famous ‘Pink Dress’ she wore for her film, “Gentlemen prefer blondes”. Marilyn paired the look with a heavy diamond-studded necklace, bracelets, earrings, and obviously red lips. She also wore matching pink gloves to add more royalty to the look, despite the heavy diamonds she was wearing. The trick here is to keep the outfit minimal, while you let the jewellery pieces have their moment and take all the spotlight they care to. The highlight of the look needs to be the diamonds you’re wearing, not necessarily the outfit.

(Pro tip- Keep the outfit subtle, and jewellery loud. If you’re opting to wear a gown, don’t forget to wear gloves for more drama!)

The Ring

Yes, you heard that right, “the ring” is the name we have given to our next best look. Why do you ask? Well, it has everything to do with the beauty of what a single diamond ring can do! Diamond rings are an all-season favourite jewellery piece because they are probably the only accessory item that can never, NEVER go wrong. The only thing they do is give you the classic edge you need, without being dramatic at all. For all the subtle fashion lovers out there, this one’s clearly for you! Wear them for a wedding look, office look, vacay-look, trust us they can never go wrong.

(Pro tip- The bigger the diamond on the ring, the better)

The ‘Everything and Anything Diamonds’ kinda look

The 2021 fashion (with 2022 just weeks away), saw a very distinctive change in the way clothes and accessories were traditionally worn. Like who said your diamond jewellery can or should only be worn with heavy gowns or only at weddings? Wearing heavy diamond necklaces with sweatpants is the new cool. Yes, this look has all the hipster- hip-hop vibes you need. Wear three diamond necklaces with sweatshirts and sweatpants and tell us you don’t feel like a rapper! 

(Pro Tip- Multilayer your neck pieces so that they look more like a street style look)

To wrap up, there's nothing that you can’t pull off once you pair the look off with some diamonds, at least that’s what the trends say. But not to mention that following trends just because they are trending should never be the approach to how you style yourself. You should wear what suits you best, what makes you feel like the diva that you are! We hope these tricks help you and you can finally go out and flaunt your diamonds in your own unique way!