Types of diamond cuts

Trends in the jewelry industry come and go, but Diamond is one such stone that has set the benchmark in the jewelry industry because of its classic and bold appearance. The sparkling diamond is one of the most sought-after gems which has its unique cuts that have their own time to rise and shine. 

Each of the diamond shapes has its way of appearance and uniquely embraces the brilliance of diamonds. Each of these shapes has its trends and stands out in a crowd uniquely. 

The shape of Diamonds speaks out in the crowd itself with its properties which is why diamonds have set a benchmark in the jewelry industry. 


The shape of the diamond is considered one of the prime features of the diamond. The shape defines the quality and shine of the diamond and says all about the diamond. Each of the shapes has its meaning and shine in it which makes it different and wholesome from others. Not only it defines the shine of the diamond but also it defines the price or the budget according to its shape. It also has an impact on how light is reflected. The shape of the diamond also contributes to the overall look of the jewelry and style of the diamond. The shape defines the diamond and enhances its features and figure more beautifully. 


The shape of the diamond has evolved, each time either a new shape is introduced or a new trend and it has continued to evolve and enable the industry to keep up with the trend. There are gallons of diamond shapes which makes it a bit challenging to choose from all shapes. But all the shapes are beautiful and shine in their unique way and stand out in the crowd. Below are some of the diamond shapes which are evergreen:

  • ROUND BRILLIANT: This is the simple yet bold shape of diamond that has the least amount of carat weight and is exceptionally light weighted and enhances the sparkle of the diamond beautifully.

  • PRINCESS CUT: As the name says, this shape makes you feel different and special which has the cut of a square and straight sides. It is one of the most beautiful shapes with a hint of sleekness in it. This shape is perfect for engagement rings. 

  • CUSHION SHAPE: This one is slightly similar to the round brilliant one, this shape has round corners with the shape of a square. This shape is perfect to gift to your loved ones. It has perfect shine and royalty in it.

  • EMERALD: This is one of the most common yet popular shapes of the diamond. These types of diamonds have an elongated, rectangular shape and long step-like cuts. They offer great clarity and give really good and white reflection. These diamonds speak elegance. These diamonds add grace to your overall look.

  • PEAR: This shape of diamond is also known as the teardrop shape of a diamond. They give you the feel of traditional in your look which we all love. This shape is the combination of the Marquise and oval shapes which are beautifully made.


Not only the shapes of the diamond but some additional qualities make the diamond stand out like its beauty and luster but there’s no doubt that the shape of the diamond plays one important role while we all go out to purchase diamonds. It surely defines its structure and how beautifully it is made. The shape of the diamonds also defines the look and quality of the diamond which ultimately plays a great role in setting its price. The shape of the diamond also speaks of the sparkle and we all know that there’s nothing like too much sparkle when we look out for a diamond.